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Tired of feeling just “average”?

You’re not alone.

I’ve spent years helping guys who are fed up with not feeling 110% when they look in the mirror.

Hard gainers, skinny fat, recovering from an injury - I’ve seen it all. 

That’s why I’ve developed the Burn & Build App - one platform that offers you the years of fitness insights I’ve gained over the years and the EXACT training methods I use daily so you can tune out any of the other gimmick fitness advice you might find online.


Could you be just 3 months away from the best physique of your life?

In our FIRST EVER in-app challenge, I’m guiding a select number of app members through my toughest and most effective 12-week program to date: Bodybuilder 4.0.

Let me be clear - you won’t end this challenge the same way as you started. 

I’ll take you through multiple phases of growth, focusing on the perfect balance of cutting fat while building muscle with a focus on progressive overload every week. 

These are the same routines I used on the road to building my physique, with m favourite workouts for providing the maximum intensity needed for growth in every session.

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No challenge would be complete without an insane top prize.

That’s why to celebrate the launch of our first-ever challenge I’m giving you the opportunity to win a once-in-a-lifetime prize for our top challenge winner to get flown out, have your accommodation paid for, and train 1-1 with me!

All you have to do is be a registered member of the Burn & Build App, take part in our 12-week challenge & push yourself to the max every single week!

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You’re not short of motivation - I know that. What you need is guidance. Choose from my specific programs to follow where you can channel your efforts and workouts towards smashing your fitness goals. Choose from 4 bespoke training programs to help you pack on lean muscle, burn stubborn fat or change your total body comp.


Welcome to Burn 4.0! This program focuses on combining cardio, fat-burning exercises with muscle-building routines to help you achieve greater muscle definition and a leaner physique. For these next 12 weeks, through carefully designed workouts, we will help you loose fat while building your muscles to reach your fitness goals!

Welcome to Build 4.0! This program is designed for those looking to maximize muscle growth and definition by implementing muscle-building workouts. Sticking to this 12 week plan will guide you towards a stronger and more sculpted physique, making your muscle-building journey the most rewarding yet fam! Let's get to it!!!

Welcome to 4.0 train like a bodybuilder. I am super excited to be going through this journey. Since it is definitely out of my comfort zone I want to take you guys along with me. Let's get to work fam! If you're looking to cut like me add 20 minutes of Stairmaster after your workout. If you're looking to bulk add 10 minutes before your workout.

3.0 fam you made it! Be proud of yourself for being disciplined and consistent as those are the keys to seeing incredible results. This is a 6-week long burn program that is split into two phases. It is best to begin after you complete 1.0 and 2.0 and ideal for those looking to lose fat or lean out. Set your mind to it, hold yourself accountable, and feel the burn! Get set to sweat...let's lock in!

3.0 fam you made it! Be proud of yourself for being disciplined and consistent as those are the keys to seeing incredible results. This is a 6-week long build program that is split into two phases. It is best to start after you complete 1.0 and 2.0 and ideal for those looking to build muscle mass. Set your mind to it, hold yourself accountable, and get the gains...let's lock in!

Can't get to a gym but have some equipment laying around? Trust me, that's all you need to get shredded. My 6 week home training guide takes you through 2 phases where you'll join train 6 days per week, isolating different muscle groups each day. We've selected specific exercises that are easy to perform at home and give you the most output for your input with every workout, guaranteeing you'll see results in just 6 weeks.

WARNING: Beginning this guide will unlock a totally new “level” to your physique. If you’ve completed my Build 1.0 guide, or are an experienced lifter that’s hit a plateau - this is your next step. Expect 6 weeks of 6 daily heavy strength training workouts with a focus on building muscle, maximising strength & packing as much weight to your frame as possible. Each day we’ll isolate a single muscle group so we’re hitting each muscle multiple times per week to ensure maximum growth. Never stop working. Make no excuses. Let’s go Fam!

Kiss your love handles goodbye. Burn 2.0 is the next progression from Burn 1.0 with 6 weeks of 6 daily high intensity, high volume and high workloads to guarantee results fast. Each day will target one body part with a focus on progressive overload each week so you’re hitting your entire body multiple days per week, with workouts designed to burn stubborn fat in the shortest time possible.

This is the bodybuilding bible for hard gainers and long-time lifters alike. Train exactly the way I do with a combo of intense old-school workout splits with a focus on isolated body parts in each workout ad heavy compound lifts. This is a 2-Phase, 6-Week Training Program with 6 workouts a week designed to build muscle, and strength & shatter your lifting plateaus.

Maybe you’re in that tricky “skinny fat” phase and want to get shredded, or you want to lose weight and lean down. Either way, this program is for you. Discover 6 Weeks of 6 daily workouts where we’ll isolate each body part to maximise performance each day in the gym. This is a 2-phase program where we’ll gradually up the intensity of your training in a way that scorches off stubborn belly fat and reveals a lean chiselled physique.

Our intense 3-phase 6-week challenge contains 6 daily workouts to challenge you each week. This program is designed to deliver insane results in your physique AND performance in the shortest time frame possible. Each day within the challenge you’ll be given a full workout blueprint to follow with reps, sets and exercise breakdowns so you’re never left guessing on what OR how to train when you step into the weights room.


Leave your notepad and pen at home fam. You can easily monitor your lifting progress overtime and track; weights lifted, total reps, sets and time taken to complete your workout. This way, you’ll never lose sight of your personal progress again.

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How do I win the top prize?

Everyone enters the challenge with an equal chance to win. We’re rewarding effort, not results. So if you show up, do the workouts and clock in every week - you’ll be in with the best chance to win.

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I’m new to working out, is this a challenge for me?

100%. The workouts you’ll see each week are designed to cater to all fitness levels while pushing you to grow and go further every week.


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